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Quilling DIY Paper Art Craft Tool Full Kit Quilling Work Board Mould Grid Guide Tool


Quilling DIY Craft Tool Full Kit Quilling Work Board Mould Grid Guide Tool

The paper is a simple and practical art of living, using the combination of roll, pinch and collage to complete,
often used in cards, packaging, decoration, decorative painting, decorations, etc…
This paper art is also called reel decoration techniques, is using special tool with roll up the slender note of a circle,
become a small "parts", and then through the combination of these complex style and shape of different parts to create.

Model: 496767
Color: Multi-color
How to use:
1. Take out a piece of paper, the paper is one side in the card slot inside the pencil, then rolled into a tight roll
2. The good volume of the volume carefully from the top of the pen to take down, and put into the circle of a thousand feet in the mold.
3,. White water will roll edge paste live, and wait for it to dry
4. Then hand roll end gently pinch flat, this time you have a basic unit model of "Yan paper‘’
5. Make more rolls in the same way.
6. According to the front of the graphics, making a good combination of these elements, the bottom with white glue paste to the board carefully, this production is completed

Package included:
1× Pen
1× Tweezer
1× Boxes of beads
1× Flower type stripping template
1× Awl
1× Rulers
1× Bump ball device
1× Curve gauge
1× Carding machine
1× Block template
1× White glue bottle
1× Dispensing bottle
1× Winding devices
1× Paper winding machine
5× Paper towers